The IslandKoh Surin

The Surin Islands are rated as one of Thailand's prime island locations.

They are located 60km west off the Andaman Coast and are accessible by day & multiday trip from Khuraburi & Koh Phra Thong.

SnorkelingKoh Surin

The Surin Islands offer a large variety of snorkeling opportunities.

Families can enjoy the broad shallow protected reefs on the east coast.

Experienced snorkelers may prefer the north & south coasts where stronger currents draw larger fish.

BoatsKoh Surin

There are Surin Islands snorkel speedboat trips going every day from Khuraburi.

There are no scuba speedboats so divers can join our cruiser for scuba day & overnight trips

Richelieu RockKoh Surin

World famous Richelieu Rock is situated in the Surin Islands national park

This spectacular open sea site attracts large pelagics and can be explored on the Richelieu Rock 2d1n Scuba Safari.

NatureKoh Surin

It is possible to see 4 species of sea turtle in the Surin Islands.

The national park state - "Mu Ko Surin is the best place in Thailand for anyone who want to swim with sea turtles."

AccommodationKoh Surin

The Surin Islands 3d2n Snorkel Expedition includes accommodation in the national park.

Early booking is advised to reserve Surin Islands bungalows.

ExclusiveKoh Surin

Also included in the Surin Islands 3d2n Snorkel Expedition is a private longtail & guide so that you can visit exclusive sites according to your tastes and abilities.

ConservationKoh Surin

Join one of our trips and you will help us support local, national & international conservation programs.

Surin Islands Information

  • thailand beach bungalow

    Horizon Beach Bungalows

    Superior beach bungalows nestled in lush gardens just on the edge of Phra Thong Bay.. All rooms have a private bathroom, balcony and electrical access.Fine Thai cuisine at great prices and a small beach bar.

    Try this new arrival on Koh Phra Thong from 1,000Bt per night.

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  • thailand beach huts

    Mr.Chuoi's Huts & Bar

    Classic Thai beach huts away from the madding crowds. Mr.Chuoi's is one of the few places in Thailand where you can enjoy exclusive beaches at great prices.The food is excellent and is accommpanied by Mr.Chuoi's legendary hospitality.

    Mr.Chuoi's huts are priced from 500Bt per night

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  • thailand eco resort

    Phra Thong Seaview Resort

    Phra Thong Seaview Resort is now open and situated next door to Mr.Chuoi's Huts. The bungalows are well spaced with the landscaped gardens giving a delightful aspect. Phra Thong Seaview Resort features organic food and community tours

    The smaller bungalows start at 600Bt per night.

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  • thailand beach resort

    Golden Buddha Beach Resort

    Golden Buddha Beach Resort is the only high end resort on Koh Phra Thong. They offer a selection of beautifully designed homes constructed with a high regard for the local natural surroundings. Each unique house benefits from its own large plot of land.

    Prices range from 3,500Bt to 12,000Bt per night.

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About Koh Phra Thong

Thailand's Koh Phra Thong - Golden Buddha Island is named after a local legend. The story tells of a precious stolen golden buddha statue buried on the island by pirates which was never recovered.

Nowadays, the island benefits from being one of Thailand's last unspoiled coastal locations. With over 15km of largely uninhabited white sandy beaches, Koh Phra Thong is an ideal choice for those who are really looking to get away from it all.

Thailand's best scuba diving

Koh Phra Thong is the closest land mass to the Surin Islands which hosts a multitude of colourful tropical fish species and the broadest diversity of hard corals in Thailand.

Nearer still is Richelieu Rock, Thailand's best scuba diving location and considered a world top ten dive site. Richelieu has regular visits from graceful manta rays and elusive whale sharks.

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thailand whale shark
koh phra thong coral

Richelieu Rock offers the opportunity to observe large pelagics such as whale sharks & manta rays. Your best chance to see them is during February & March

It is also characterised by boulders covered with soft corals and fields of anemones. Vast schools of fish swarm around these areas seeking protection from larger predators

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tropical island turtle
paradise island clownfish

The Surin Islands can be accessed by day trip speedboat or dive boat from Koh Phra Thong. It is a great destination for families with children as the sea on the eastern side is shallow and calm.

Koh Surin has broad hard coral reefs, schools of colourful tropical fish and 4 species of turtle.

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koh phra thong snorkeling
andaman manta ray

This unique island 50km west off the Andaman Coast has white sand beaches and crystal blue waters.

Divers love to visit Koh Tachai pinnacle as strong currents attracte large pelagics and hunting jacks whilst snorkelers revel in the warm shallow waters on the eastern fringe

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paradise island ghost piepfish
andaman shark

The Andaman Offshore sites are located less than 10km off the west coast of Koh Phra Thong offering fantastic scuba opportunities for experienced divers.

You may obse

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